Atuana Corporation Data Privacy

What is Data Privacy?

Data privacy, or information privacy, is a facet of data protection with distinctive features and specific threat targets. While it shares some common ground with broader cybersecurity measures, data privacy is mainly focused on the individual. It protects all data, records, communications, and transactions associated with that individual, even if they are part of a larger organization that cybersecurity specialists are safeguarding.

The Function of Data Privacy

This emphasis on adhering to data protection regulations prompts cybersecurity specialists to concentrate on data processing procedures, encompassing the collection, storage, management, and sharing of data. Consequently, data privacy fosters a distinct area within Data Protection, where the output is not just protected data but also data that is usable and readily accessible.

Our Data Privacy Services

There are numerous threats that Data Privacy counters, protecting against vulnerabilities you could otherwise be exposed to. Engaging Atuana’s Data Privacy service is crucial as it defends your information and connectivity from threats like online tracking, lack of transparency, social media surveillance, and loss of data control.

What We Do

Atuana’s cybersecurity specialists ensure the appropriate management of data and the correct public implementation of privacy factors and regulations. They create a circle of protection around the individual in focus. Our experts attach great significance to the privacy rights of the individuals they safeguard. Trust in Atuana to defend your privacy within the vast digital landscape.