Atuana Corporation Server Security

What Is Server Security?

Servers are pivotal in your business operations, serving as interconnecting computer systems that enable sharing, access, and editing of data, information, and communication. These servers, while vital, can be vulnerable to access by unauthorized entities. At Atuana, our mission is to prevent this potential breach.

A server’s services may encompass databases, email systems, web applications, file storage, communication records, and more. Beyond mere storage, servers enhance your business operations by centralizing all this information, facilitating more accessible and faster access.

What is the Function of Server Security?

The role of server security is to shield these indispensable servers from unauthorized access, covert software, data breaches, data misuse, disruption, and elimination. The server security provided by Atuana is designed to optimize the confidentiality, integrity, accessibility, and availability of all these resources and the network web itself. At Atuana, we protect your servers; we secure your business continuity by ensuring the safety of your valuable data and network systems.

What Our Experts Do

At Atuana, our cybersecurity experts establish a three-tiered server security system. These tiers cover the base operating system, network security, and the hosted applications.

1.Base Operating System: This layer is concentrated on securing the most critical components and services, ensuring your server’s foundation remains unshakeable.

2.Network Security: This level focuses on defending against online attacks and viruses, keeping your network infrastructure safe and intact.

3.Hosted Applications: The final tier is dedicated to managing the content and services distributed across and stored on the server, providing additional protection to your business data and applications.

What Our Services Include

Atuana’s server security service combines technical and administrative strategies to protect your business’s servers comprehensively. Our approach involves using specialized software, complex login credentials, and optimized user authorization based on a need-to-access principle, coupled with deactivating unnecessary services and access points.

However, technical safety measures only represent one facet of our server security. We also conduct regular security and risk assessments and implement security policies to identify and rectify potential vulnerabilities quickly. This proactive approach, combined with our advanced set of server security tools and practices, ensures the optimal protection of your servers.